Our teams work for you, with you, at each stage of your project




Market monitoring and trends,
Reviewing and proposals,
Regulatory monitoring,
Formula innovations and packaging

During the project

During the project


Listening and accompanying,
Continuous advice and exchanges,
Projects develop according to your needs

After deployment

After deployment


Sales forecasts
and control of
service quality,
Performance analysis,
Promotional events,
Development proposal and
extension of the range


Accompany you so that your idea becomes a reality

Imagine, search, mix, select, combine… every day our teams work to create beauty :

  • More than 150 researchers
  • More than 1,000 ingredients
  • A catalogue of turnkey formulas at your disposal
  • Made-to-measure formulas developed depending on your wishes
  • Internal expertise (research centre in cosmetology, chemists, dermatologists etc…)
  • A network of external experts


Travel the entire world to offer you the best

Raw materials, packaging, know-how, products… our teams know no limits when it comes to finding the beauty of tomorrow :

  • Partnerships with more than 200 packaging suppliers
  • More than 30 packaging and raw material buyers
  • A rigorous selection process with respect to our suppliers in accordance with our desire to ensure sustainable development
  • A website dedicated to our suppliers

  • A technical design and sourcing office based in Asia


Performance and safety at each stage

Pictogramme Produire1OUR PRODUCTION SITES


Speciality : shower gels, hair care, sun care, slimming

  • Annual production : 170 million units/year
  • 12 mixers
  • 1 flexible high-speed line
  • 8 automatic lines, 6 semi-automatic lines
  • 4 tubing machines, 4 testers

Pictogramme Produire1OUR PRODUCTION SITES


Speciality : skincare, make-up

  • Annual production : 80 million units/year
  • Mixer of 50 kg to 3,000 kg

  • Fixed and mobile melting machines from 40L to 600L

  • 4 poured product lines

  • 4 tubing machines, 4 jars and bottles lines

  • 3 mascara lines, 2 nail varnish lines

With more than 350 million units produced each year in our factories, we have developed real industrial know-how :

  • 4 production sites including 3 in France

  • Good manufacturing practice validated by regular audits

  • Daily efforts to optimise industrial performance via lean manufacturing

  • Triple certification of all of our production sites : Quality (ISO9001)/ Safety (OHSAS 18001)/ Environment (ISO 14001)

  • The possibility of industrialising all types of packaging (bottle, jar, tube, airless tube, flat sample, mini format, natural air spray etc…)

Pictogramme Produire1OUR PRODUCTION SITES


Speciality : Perfume and products containing alcohol

  • Annual production : 37 million units/year
  • Capacity of 5 million litres/year
  • 112 maceration and storage tanks offering a capacity of 360.000 litres.
  • 12 packaging lines

Pictogramme Produire1OUR PRODUCTION SITES

CORK (Irlande)

Speciality : Face and body care

  • Annual production : 67 million units/year
  • Batches from 300 kg to 3 tonnes
  • 6 reactors for with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes/year

  • 14 packaging lines : bottles, tubes, jars


Develop your beauty project with serenity

Like all of our clients, you can trust us :

  • Controls carried out throughout the development process for your product

  • Guarantee that ingredients, formulas and allegations are compliant

  • Dedicated regulatory and quality department

  • Internal expertise on microbiological tests, safety and efficacy

  • Guarantee on the anticipation of regulatory developments and the construction of product information files


Guarantee a good product, in the right place and at the right time

Service rate and traceability are our constant concerns in order to ensure your commercial success :

  • A system to manage flows combining rigour, flexibility and reactivity

  • Adapted tools to guarantee the traceability of products, depending on palettes, use-by dates and batch numbers, from the production sites to your warehouses

  • Ability to make deliveries to you all over the world

  • Adaptable logistics according to your needs


Our responsibility : place sustainable development at the heart of all of our actions

Our objectives : work on all levels to minimise our impact on the world around us

  • Eco-design is a major concern : reduction of the weight of packaging, recycled raw materials, eco-refills, recyclable packaging etc…

  • Water treatment : water pre-treatment and treatment stations are integrated into our production sites

  • Waste management : 94.2% of the group’s waste is recovered, recycled or reused

  • Biodiversity : in Brittany 100% of the Group’s industrial sites are now “Biodiversity Refuges”