Our philosophy

Dear Clients and Future Clients,

Since 1990, LECC has been contributing with passion to the success of its Clients in the field of Beauty. The proof ? Those who trusted us at the start of this human adventure remain our clients today ! These things cannot be improved; our teams are committed, respectful, demanding and passionated in order to accompany the commercial development of their clients.

Now, more than ever, we are convinced that in the increasingly cut-throat world of Beauty and in this ultra-connected world, successful brands will be those which transmit emotion and sense. With LECC, we have experts who share with other brands in our group. We also have access to expertise, technology and supplier ecosystems to help you fulfil your ambitions.

With LECC, give meaning to your beauty ambitions !

Erwan Le-Coz
Chief Executive Officer of LECC

Our values

From the laboratory to logistics, from quality to business, we all share common values which reflect our identity and constitute our strength



The stability of our group allows us to form real partnerships with our clients and build long term sustainable projects together

Of each person working with us, but also of the world around us. Because, beyond fashion trends, all of our actions incur our economic, social and environmental responsibility



Because that is what drives all of our teams to create beauty on an everyday basis. Because without passion we would not be where we are today, without passion we could not accompany each and every one of our clients

Because we have a duty to create value if we want to ensure our sustainability. Out of respect, commitment and passion, we want to offer you the best every day

Our Group

The Groupe Rocher is a family group, originally from Brittany, composed of eight main brands. For more than 50 years, the Group has been growing while maintaining its roots and values in order to act differently, create emotion and give meaning.

A family group

 motivated by an entrepreneur-inventor spirit

Chief Executive Officer of the Group

An integrated group

which controls the entire product life cycle

An international group

with 40 million clients and  15,000 employees throughout the world

A committed group

convinced that sustainable development creates value

The Group’s brands